Book Review: Star Wars – Scoundrels

14th March 2015

Star Wars: Scoundrels cover

I am a huge Star Wars fan and have enjoyed many of the books in the franchise as well as the films. Zahn’s earlier Thrawn trilogy was brilliant, imaginative and captivating while remaining true to the characters and believable as a sequel to the original film trilogy. As Zahn’s earlier work was so well written and captivating, I was expecting this book to be equally great. I was hugely disappointed. I gave up reading the book about three quarter’s of the way through, which is very rare for me (I can only think of two other books that I have not bothered to finish through sheer boredom before). I will more often give a bad book a chance, hoping the end will somehow redeem it. But in this case, I just could not bring myself to finish it.

What was wrong with it? I hear you ask. Well, firstly many of the characters are poorly presented and did not attract any real interest from me as a reader. Even Han, Chewie and Lando, who were all favourites of mine from the films, were presented in such a bland manner that it was near impossible for me to have sustained interest in their story. Secondly, there is very little that seems to happen in the plot and the majority of the book seems to focus on the central characters planning what they are going to next.

As mentioned, I was expecting much better based on Zahn’s previous work, but found Scoundrels to be dry, bland, poorly executed and leaving me thinking it had the potential to be much better as it is a very good premise and could have offered ample opportunity to explore Han, Lando and Chewie’s dynamics and interactions when separate from Luke and Leia. If you are looking for a good Star Wars book to read, I personally would not recommend this one (although by the looks of things, some people do seem to really like it). A better choice may be Joe Schreiber’s Death Troopers, James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis, or Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy from the early 90s.

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