Fan Theory: Was Han Solo Force Sensitive?

3rd September 2016


This theory stipulates that Han Solo’s incredible skills and luck can be attributed to a very mystical reason. Was Han Solo an unknowing force sensitive? Very likely and there are several reasons why this is likely the case. Certain attributes that apply to Han Solo are usually only applicable to force sensitives in the Star Wars universe.

Piloting ability and reflexes:

In the Star Wars universe there are four characters known to have exceptional piloting abilities – Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Poe Dameron and Han Solo. There is also a separate theory about Poe Dameron being force sensitive which I may discuss in a later post. Of these characters, two as we know are force sensitive. Qui Gon said of Anakin in The Phantom Menace that if he raced pods he must have “jedi reflexes”. Could this also apply to exceptional pilots like Poe and Han, having jedi reflexes to be able to be exceptional pilots. It is certainly true in Luke’s case that force sensitivity affects his ability to pilot ships to an exceptional level of skill.

Piloting ability is highly linked to and implied to be a result of these characters’ exceptionally great reflexes and fast reactions to events. This is in itself a classic sign of force sensitivity in characters within the Star Wars universe. Han Solo also displays exceptionally fast reflexes in cases other than his ability to pilot the falcon – the most classic example is in how he shoots Greedo in the cantina before Greedo has a chance to shoot first.

Influence over others and his unusual good luck:

In the contraversial Darth Jar Jar theory (the theory suggesting that Jar Jar Binks is a secret sith), one aspect of Jar Jar’s character that is used (among many other points) is that his character appears to be unusually lucky and he too often comes out of nasty situations virtually unaffected. This has often been put down to being a result of bad writing but some fans have argued that Jar Jar’s incredibly good luck had a force-based explanation. The same explanation may be true with Han Solo and his incredibly good luck. Han Solo often manages to come out of life-threatening situations relatively unscathed. In the case of his being frozen in carbonite and later freed that is one crude example that is largely due to Leia, Luke, Lando, Chewie, C3PO and R2D2 all being able to succeed in working together to free him from Jabba’s palace so that may not be down to the Force. However, in the case of his managing to get out of other life-threatening situations – nobody helped him in these situations directly and he largely got out alive through his own initiative. Also Han is known for being a “swindler” – implying that he can con his way into fortune or out of danger. But is he really conning his way out of danger and into fortune, or is he adopting some sort of subconscious mind trick over others that he himself is unaware of.


I do not believe Lucas had intended for Han Solo to be force sensitive. I feel that if this was the case, then the plot of the original trilogy would have eventually at least hinted at this in a more solid way. However, as the Star Wars franchise and its stories grew over the years with more exploration of the nature of force sensitivity in characters being presented in the films and expanded universe – I do believe canonically (both pre and post-Disney stage) with this knowledge it can now be seen as heavily implied (head-canon even) that Han Solo is force sensitive without his own knowledge. This is one example of how post-original trilogy additions to the Star Wars universe has helped (often unintentionally) to add greater depth to the original trilogy and allow us to watch it and its characters with new understanding.

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