Altarian Saga

Altarian Saga: Maiden of Springhaven cover
The Altarian Saga is an epic fantasy narrative set on a remote world and telling the tale of a young woman who after an unexpected tragedy is left alone and homeless with only her pet dragon, two horses and an old friend for support. She must find her own way in the world. She tries to find her brothers who are missing, having been fighting in an ongoing conflict. In doing this she is guided down a path that will lead her to be entangled in the politics and conflict of the times. On her journey she makes discoveries about her family, past, faith, existence, the universe and the world that shatters her understanding of her life itself.

The story touches on many themes: coming-of-age, independence, warfare, politics, religion, gender, class relations, family, friendship, love and sexuality, superstition, nature, cross-dimentional travel and astronomy.

The novel employs a mix of writing styles in third and first person – third-person storytelling, diary entries, poetry and letters.

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